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Campaign for a greener, fairer local economy in South Yorkshire

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Lewis Dagnall for Labour Yorkshire Mayor

I'm Lewis Dagnall

I’m standing to be the Labour Party candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor.

This is a critical period for South Yorkshire. We know economic recovery always takes longer in our region because Tory governments don’t care about the North, whatever their rhetoric.

But I know that we’re a region of creators, makers and innovators who can lead on answering the challenges of our time, whether that’s addressing the climate emergency, rebuilding our infrastructure, or unlocking the potential of everyone whatever their background or circumstances.

Lewis Dagnall for Labour Yorkshire Mayor

We need a candidate who can harness that power to deliver for South Yorkshire. Someone with the ambition and record of delivery to build us up from the Covid-19 crisis and push us to meet the aspirations of all our people.  

I am that candidate. I have the experience, interest, and passion to deliver a winning campaign – and a Labour mayoralty that works for all South Yorkshire people.

See my plan

What I stand for:

George Lindars-Hammond

George Lindars-Hammond

Executive Member for Health and Social Care & Councillor for Hillsborough ward

"I'm voting for Lewis because our transport system needs radical change. Only Lewis is putting forward a plan to create a green, integrated bus and tram network run for people, not profit"

Nadia Whittome MP

Nadia Whittome MP

Labour MP for Nottingham East

"I know from Nottingham’s experience that publicly owned buses deliver high quality, affordable transport that is far more accountable and transparent than private companies could ever provide. That’s why I am supporting Lewis Dagnall’s commitment to bring the South Yorkshire buses into public ownership - a transformative, achievable policy that would transform the lives of people in the region. Crucially, Lewis is a socialist with a track record of delivering for Labour and that’s why I am supporting him to be the next Metro Mayor for South Yorkshire."

Wendy Cooksey

Wendy Cooksey

Councillor for Rotherham East

"I am supporting Lewis’s campaign to be Labour candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor because we need a mayor who supports bold policies. Labour does well where it is seen to enact measures which benefit ordinary people such as the Preston model of community wealth building which Lewis has pledged will be the core ethos of a mayoral authority run by him"